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A Bunch Of Finance Guys Are Whining About Buying Their Fiancées Diamond ... - Bu

I agree that the rarity of diamonds is misconceived; the big diamond companies control the supply that arrives at market, creating artificial scarcity. The reason why they're so expensive is mainly because these companies stockpile a bunch of diamonds ...

AR Man Finds 6.19-Carat Diamond; Names it "The Limitless Diamond" - KARK

MURFREESBORO, AR (News Release) –David Anderson first learned of the Crater of Diamonds State Park when he saw Arkansas's diamond site featured on The Travel Channel's “Best Places to Find Cash and Treasures.” His first visit to the park was in ...

The Secret to Keeping Your Diamond Ring Sparkly Long After the Wedding - The Sti

how to keep your diamonds clean Cleaning your engagement ring is probably the furthest thing from your mind when you first slip that gorgeous sucker onto your eagerly awaiting finger. You are too mesmerized by this symbol of love. How it sparkles, how ...

Lower Dauphin senior Corey Atkins creates Diamond Days for kids with special ...

Members of the Lower Dauphin baseball and football teams pose with Jackson Farmen, who participated in the first Sunday of Diamond Days Baseball at Nye Field. Senior Corey Atkins created the baseball clinic for children with special needs. (PennLive ...

Junior Melissa Diamond presents at the United Nations - The Collegian — Universi

Junior Melissa Diamond sat among leaders in the autism field at the United Nations on April 2, prepared to speak about the therapy program she started in Jenin, Palestine for children with autism. Diamond said she was honored to be able to share her ...

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